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Welcome to the Internet Home of the High Country Theosophist. It was an independent journal with the following objectives:

  1. To serve the greater Theosophical Movement as a forum for the free interchange of ideas and commentary in the pursuit of Truth and to facilitate various projects in furtherance of theosophical principles.

  2. To present articles and essays consistent with source Theosophy, otherwise known as the Ancient Wisdom, as given by the Masters, H.P. Blavatsky, and other theosophical writers consistent with this tradition.

  3. To examine contemporary ethical, religious, metaphysical, scientific, and philosophical issues from the viewpoint of the source theosophical teachings.

  4. To impartially examine significant events and issues in the history of the Theosophical Movement that have affected and shaped its present-day realities.

The periodical, edited by Richard Slusser, started as the newsletter of the High Country Theosophical Center in September 1986, became a magazine in September 1990, and continued through April 2004.

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